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Glass Coating Removal Machine

Our brand new Glass Coating Removal Machine, adopted advanced design ideas of Germany and structure principle of compaction and simplicity for easy and convenient disassembly and installation as well as transportation, is aimed at coating removal of coated glass such as Low-E Glass and makes efficiency of coating removal greatly improved.

There are three types as follows: Manual, Semi-automatic, Automatic.

Reference parameters:

Specification for Semi-automatic coating removal machine:

Mode: Glass Manual Loading, Semi-automatic position fixing, automatic coating removal(Single Line).

Dimension: (L*W*H) 1500*850*980mm

Adjustable Width (Maximum): 1200mm

Adjustable Height extent: +/-25mm

Adjustable motor Up-Down range: 0-50mm

Power: 380V/ 220V 50Hz P750W

RPM: 2800rmp

Wheel Consumption: 5000~6000m/pcs (When Wheel Quality & Coating Removal Width≤15mm)

Processing precision: ±0.3mm

Processing Glass Dimension: ≤800*800mm

Glass Thickness: 3mm~19mm

Coating Removal Width: 0mm-25mm

Coating Removal Speed: 0~20m/min (Adjustable)


Other Modes or Specifications can be designed according to client's request.