What's a router

What's a router?

On CNC machine, you should normally meet a tool processing a glass sheet to be a required shape before grinding process.

What is it?

It’s named CNC router and consists of diamond sand segments and metal body which contains screw part, nut part and sand body which is called cutter head together with sand segments.

Commonly, it’s about length, diameter, and numbers of sand segment of router.

Length includes whole router and cutter head.

Diameter stands for cutter head size.

Numbers of sand segment is subjected to diameter.

Wanna order a router? You should provide mentioned points above.

Length and diameter can be measured yourself, and then the measured information is summated to factory for calculating the numbers of sand segment.

The router generally uses on ALPHA BAVELLONI or FORVET or INTERMAC.

Tips: Before using router, you should drill some holes in route that router moving on glass surface, especially in the beginning of route.