Curve Segmented Diamond glass Grinding Wheels for 3-19mm glass

Reading lots of feedbacks about complaint on too much changing time of diamond wheel wasted when glass thickness shifts.

It's actually a reality facing by many glass processing factories.

None order in one size!

Suppose a wheel can deal with 3-19mm glass?

Curve segmented diamond wheel is born for this purpose (Applause?) :)

High efficient job it is made! Approved!

This wheel is available for 3mm-19mm glass grinding. You don't need to spend time on changing a wheel when glass thickness shifts. (Seems have noted it already at the beginning :p )

It makes glass edge “even and regular lines” and “fewer tiny chips” when processing thin glass, which will let an easier job to following wheels to gain more life and save cost a lot.

The wheel is sharper that its feeding speed is better than Continual Cup wheel.

The Curved-Segementd diamond wheel for the purpose of efficiency improvement and cost saving.

Are you ready to have a try ;)