Correctly use Metal Bond Diamond Glass Grinding Wheel and Resin Bond Diamond Glass Grinding Wheel

Anhua made, named Q6 metal bond or named New-typed resin bond diamond glass grinding wheel, adopted imported diamond sand and highest quality Chinese bond, have earned their honor on sharpness and lifespan.

Sharpness asks for less chips, even and regular edge surface, quick glass edge cut-off.

Lifespan reflects on the glass meters that wheel processed.

Generally,Chinese diamond sand and bond, even the best, can be considered as the medium level compared with imported one, which requirement of usage is very normal.

For example, normal requirement of Amperemeter Value is 2.2 A to 2.4 A for metal bond glass grinding wheel and 2.5 A for resin bond glass grinding wheel.

As Q6 or New type, using between 2.0 A or 2.1 A for metal bond glass grinding wheel and 2.2 A for resin bond glass grinding wheel, it works very well because of their sharpness.

The usage of diamond bond grinding wheel and resin bond grinding wheel reflect the feeling of sharpness and lifespan of them.

However, the usage of glass grinding wheel is often subjected to operator's habit.

Some operators would express insufficient lifespan or bad sharpness as applying Q6 or New type. What factory should focus on is the habit of adoption of previous glass grinding wheel.

Amperemeter Value means wheel pressure to glass edge. Long term using of high pressure will gradually cut down the life of machine as the overload and will low down the processing speed  as well as having a certain stable electrical cost.

2.2 A to 2.4 A is up too much for Q6 diamond grinding wheel. These values would cause big chips and affect process speed because of high pressure. Big chips give operator a feeling of no enough sharpness.

As above, 2.5 A for New-typed resin grinding wheel causes huge pressure on wheel toward glass edge and speedily wear the glass grinding wheel out. The feeling is bad absolutely.

Made a feeling good enough is to ignore the daily habit.

Do it! Correct the action to improve factory working efficiency and save production cost.